Why Join TVBA

Why Join TVBA? Here Are a Few Reasons:

When you join us, you are an automatic member of the Home Builders Association of Virginia and the National Association of Home Builders. Both the state and national organizations work tirelessly to advocate for the building industry making the important work you do sustainable.

TVBA links individual members to the entire industry by providing information, educational and technical services, as well as networking opportunities through meetings and special events. Responding to the varied specialties within the home building industry, TVBA also has a board and various committees that address these issues on a daily basis.

The Top of Virginia Building Association works on behalf of the industry as a whole, advocating for public policies that promote a healthy building climate. The success of this governance structure is predicated on a commitment by our membership to actively engage in policy discussions, direction and advocacy.

Regulatory Assistance
We work with local jurisdictions in the development of regulations, codes, and standards that make common sense and make housing affordable.

Industry News
Subscriptions to local, state and national industry publications will keep you up to date on industry trends and business practices providing you the tools to help you build your business.

Business Savings
Get the member’s advantage with discounts from your local, state, and national associations on insurance programs and other business services.

Marketing Opportunities
Our members do business with members. Expand your business network at meetings and events. Sponsor education and events. These are just some ways to profit from your membership by building relationships that work. Be the voice of your industry!

Expert Knowledge
Take advantage of product research, building code information, economic data, and industry experts on topics relating to the building industry.


Special discounts are available for TVBA members! 

If you have any questions, email rebekah@tvba.org or call 540-665-0365