Membership in the Top of Virginia Building Association is open to anyone who works in or with the construction industry, or anyone who simply wants to support this lynchpin of our economy.  There are three categories of membership to fit any interest.  Each member identifies a contact within their company to represent them at the local level.  Information, updates and event details are shared with this contact who then takes responsibility for letting others in their company know what’s going on with our organization.  Additional representatives can be identified by the member and would fall under the Affiliate Member category.

Builder Membership-$541.00

Builders are directly involved in building . They include small-volume builders, production builders, commercial builders and remodelers.

Associate Membership-$591.00
Associate members provide products or services to builders. They sell lumber, windows, appliances, etc. or offer services such as mortgage finance.

Affiliate Membership-$100.00
The affiliate member category identifies an additional representative for an already existing member company.  It enables the employees of builder and associate members to reap the rewards membership at a fraction of the cost.

All of these categories include automatic membership in the National Association of Home Builders and the Home Builders Association of Virginia!

TVBA Quarterly Dues Structure Benefit

What a Great Benefit!

Effective January 2014, members are allowed to make payments on their dues after a full renewal payment/new member payment is made. You must let us know at the time of full payment that you would like to take advantage of this benefit. We believe this will reduce the hardship on some of our smaller members.


Associate Company A is a great enthusiast who wants to support the TVBA. Dues are paid annually to TVBA, HBAV, and NAHB as things are structured now. To reduce the burden for our members, the following structure was approved!

This structure may be utilized until the board decides the structure is no longer working for the organization. This helps members who may not be in a position to pay lump sum and may encourage remodelers and smaller builders to join, and is a nice benefit for all of our members.

There will be no “finance charge” for TVBA carrying dues payments. If a member selects the financing option for year two and beyond and they fall behind in their payment by 60 days, they forfeit dues already paid to the organization and would be required to pay the full amount in their anniversary month or before. Since the TVBA is offering this as a benefit to members, the 60 days limit prevents the organization from having to participate in the collection process.